I always welcome people inviting me to play a game with them online. However, I can rarely do realtime games, yet turn based games, where I can take my turn when I want to (within a reasonable timeframe of course), are perfect. I usually take a turn a day during the week, sometimes more, but rarely play over the weekend.

So with all that in mind, here is how you can find me on the various platforms and what games I like to play there.



On Yucata you can find me as oliverkinne and I am open to the following games:

Board Game Arena

I’ve only started using Board Game Arena recently, but you can find me as oliverkinne if you want to play one of the following games with me turn-based:


Steam does allow many games to be played turn-based, sometimes called play & go. If you want you can find me there as Oliver Kinne and invite me to one of the following games: