Review Copy Submission Guidelines

I generally welcome review copy submissions, but there are a few things I want to explain so you know how the process works.

I always review games in written format on this blog, then record the review in audio format for the podcast and create an audiogram for my YouTube channel. If you send me a physical copy of your game, I can also make an unboxing video for it. All of this work takes time, so there are lead times to consider, which you can find further down this page.

My reviews are always based on real plays of your game with my friends or family, which limits the sort of games that I will be able to review, as follows.

Solo Games

I currently don’t review solo-only games, or solo modes for multiplayer games, even though I always strongly recommend to publishers to include solo modes. There is a large community of solo gamers and there are dedicated solo game reviewers, who I recommend you contact, instead of me, because they will do your game better justice. Here are a handful of reviewers to start you off:

Two-Player Games

Light to medium-heavy two-player games are something I will review. It doesn’t matter if these are two-player-only games or games that can be played at two players. In fact, I will most likely play light to medium-heavy games only at the two player count.

Three to Four-Player Games

Medium-heavy to heavy games for more than two players are always welcome, as long as you can play them at three players or more. Chances are I will play them at three or four players, even if they allow for two or more than four.


I’m happy to review prototypes, as long as they are near-to-production-ready. I sometimes still playtest games, so if you have an early prototype, contact me about that, but I won’t review games until they’re basically ready and only need some small tweaks and refinements.

Online and Digital Reviews Copies

As things are a bit difficult at the moment, I do usually accept online or digital copies but I will make it clear in the review when that is the case, because I will be unable to talk about component quality and the physical game experience. My review will focus on the mechanisms and the enjoyment we got from those.

Physical Review Copies

As mentioned above, I review near-to-production-ready prototype copies of your game if you don’t have anything final yet, and I’m always to send my review copy to another reviewer or back to you. That’s par for the course really.

Unboxing Videos

If you send me a production-ready or near-to-finished physical copy of your game, I will always be happy to make an unboxing video of it. Some people don’t like those video, but I think many of us like to see people unwrap presents, and unboxing videos create that same sort of feeling in my view.

Deadlines and Lead Times

The most important part is deadlines though. I usually need at least four weeks from receiving the review copy (digital or physical) before my review will be ready to be published.

That gives me enough time to play your game a few times, write the review, record it in audio format, make an audiogram for my YouTube channel and get everything finished.

I release my reviews on a Saturday, so bear that in mind also.

So please don’t contact me if your Kickstarter launches next week and you need a review to go on your page straight away. I definitely won’t have time to play it and publish a review in time.

However, if you’re happy for my review to go up later, probably after your campaign has finished, then do let me know. After all, if you are interested in late pledges, or if you’re planning to continue to sell the game after your crowdfunding campaign is over, then my review can help keep the momentum for your game going.

Definite No-Nos

There are a number of things that will mean that I will definitely not review your game, but these should be really obvious.

If your game glorifies or otherwise promotes racism, sexism, ageism or any other discriminatory behaviours and prejudices, killing, torture or any other maltreatment of people or animals, then please don’t send it in, unless it deals with these activities in a sensitive, constructive and meaningful way.

I also do not review games that purely focus on sexual practices, drinking or drugs, even if it’s in a fantasy or other fictional setting.

I will also not accept games that re-enforce gender stereotypes, which includes, but is not limited to, illustrations showing scantily clad women or words that have the same effect.

In a similar vein, I will not review games where the rulebook neither uses the gender-neutral pronoun “they” to describe the players nor addresses the reader directly addresses them using “you”. Having male or female nouns for describing in-game characters is fine of course, even though I would expect characters in the game to be diverse in gender and race.

Get in Touch

If you want to discuss your game with me, after reading the above guidelines, then please reach out to me via my contact form or DM me on Twitter.