My Games

Here are various lists of games that I own, am waiting for delivery on, upcoming games I’m interested in, and a few top 5 lists for your perusal. Some of these games will feature in reviews and/or unboxing videos. Every game is linked to its entry on BGG, or directly to the publisher’s website.

Games I Own


Games Due (ones I bought)

(sorted by date of expected delivery, with earliest first)

Upcoming Games (I’m interested in)

(sorted by date of expected release, with earliest first)



Games for Sale

(listed on Board Game Geek Marketplace)

Top 5 2 Player Games

(as of 16 January 2020)

  1. Pandemic
  2. On the Underground: London/Berlin
  3. Wingspan
  4. Sub Terra II
  5. Silver

Top 5 3+ Player Games

(as of 16 January 2020)

  1. Dune
  2. Vivaldi
  3. Tapestry
  4. Photosynthesis
  5. Clans of Caledonia