On this page, you will find Tabletop Games Blog logos to use on your website, videos and other material, provided you follow the branding guidelines below.

Branding Guidelines

If a version of the Tabletop Games Blog logo is used on a website or other online resource, a link to https://tabletopgamesblog.com must be added. In print media or places where links are not possible, you must provide the web address where you reference the logo.

Safe space

All versions of the Tabletop Games Blog logo always need safe space that is free of imagery and text surrounding them. Use a quarter of the logo’s width for the minimum amount of safe space that must surround the logo.
If copy appears below the logo, you should measure safe space from the bottom of the logo to the x-height of the text.

Minimum size

On the logo with the table, brand name, strapline and website address, the words “All Things Tabletop Games” should always be easy to read. So in digital content, the logo should never appear smaller than 200 pixels in height, and in print no smaller than 3cm in height.

The logo that has the table only can be smaller. In digital content, it must be no smaller than 100 pixels in height, and in print no smaller than 1cm in height.

Using the logo on solid backgrounds

If a version of the Tabletop Games Blog logo is used on a solid background, ensure that the white table and text remain white. They must never be rendered transparent. If a background colour is used that is close to the circles fill colour, please put a white outline around the logo that is at least 10% of the logo’s width.

The logo must not be rotated, mirrored or otherwise altered. The colours must also never be changed.

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