In an attempt to be transparent, I wanted to declare that the Tabletop Games Blog website contains advertising in the form of banners and similar. Advertising is clearly separated from the rest of the site’s content and clearly marked with the word “Advert”.

Advertising usually offers a certain amount of commission based on either click-throughs or actual sales actioned after clicking the link. URLs with a specific ID and other information will track your purchases to allow the reseller to pay me the relevant commission.

I have decided to add advertising to the website, after carefully consulting with my supporters. The commission gives me a small income stream that allows me to pay for board games to review, new audio and computer equipment and other things that allow me to keep running the blog and everything I do.

I never review any of the products from advertisers featured on the Tabletop Games Blog website. The only exception is board game retailers appearing in a Google Ad slot, but in those cases, I have no direct relationship with the retailer and no influence on the products they display in the ad. Google Ad slots are randomly chosen.

I want my reviews to be as independent as possible, with no direct influence from anyone.

Current and previous advertisers featured on the Tabletop Games Blog website, other than through Google Ads, are (in alphabetical order):

I hope this explains more about advertising on the blog, but if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions, please contact me.