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The Tabletop Games Blog is about all things board, card, dexterity and other modern games. Every week there are two new written articles, a review and a topic discussion piece, all of which are also released in audio format on the podcast.

Additionally, there is the Let me illustrate podcast series where board game artists answer a catalogue of 17 questions about themselves.

Writers for the Blog

Apart from me (see further down), there have been a number of other people who wrote guest posts on this blog. Of course, the opinions expressed in those articles are those of the authors and do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of Tabletop Games Blog:

  • Dina Said So is a marketing company offering consultation, social media management and crowdfunding marketing founded by Dina Ramse. Together with her colleague, Alexandra Yaverbaum (aka Sasha), they regularly post on LinkedIn and have kindly shared some of their articles here.
  • Michael Fox is the former producer and presenter of The Little Metal Dog Show, designer of Keep Running!, Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr, MegaCity: Oceania among others and now releases games as Wayfinder Games.
  • Gavin Jones has been writing reviews, alongside his wife Sarah-Jane, on their blog Keep Up With The Jones Family for many years now. You may also have seen him demo games at one of the big board game exhibitions.
  • Ellen Klein is an editor who brings a unique perspective to her work. She believes in the power of planning for life’s unknowns, bringing her extensive experience to bear on business, family and relationship advice.
  • Filip Redelius is the designer of Fog of Adventures, a game created using AI with the goal of creating something new and interesting.
  • Lewis Shaw is one of the founders of Braincrack Games, alongside Emily, and their journey into board games began when a friend introduced them to Takenoko, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Coup and more.
  • Joe Slack has been designing board games since 2014 and helped over 4,000 game designers through his books and teaching, including The Board Game Design Course.
  • Hope Thompson is a brand new board game reviewer and the daughter of David Thompson, the co-designer of the Undaunted series of games, designer of Pavlov’s House and many others.
  • Laurie Trueblood founded Adventures of Authenticity in 2021 after facing a personal crisis as a way to share what she learned and to help others who were equally feeling lost in life.


A photo of Oliver Kinne, the owner and editor of this blog.

My name is Oliver Kinne. I live by the sunny south coast of the United Kingdom and have been playing modern tabletop games for over 15 years. I have also enjoyed writing fiction since I was in my teens. So in May 2018, I started the Tabletop Games Blog, combining my two hobbies.

Since then, I have also started translating board games from English to German and German to English under my Make My Game Travel brand. It is my attempt to commercialize my language skills and experience in the industry.


If you want to find out what I’m up to, you can find me here:

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