Useful Links

Here are some links to tabletop games resources that you might find useful. If you think I missed something, then please let me know by contacting me with your suggestions.

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Play With Friends Online

  • – free to join and all games are free to play; it’s very popular and has an active and very friendly community; it’s turn-based, so you can take turns as and when you want, but you can invite friends and play a game live as well
  • Board Game Arena – free to join and many games are free; it’s quite busy, but beware of players leaving games without notice, so maybe play with friends only
  • Happy Meeple – free to join and all games are free to play; it’s still growing, but definitely worth checking out
  • Tabletopia – free to join and many games are free, but you really need to subscribe to a monthly plan to be able to play with friends; it is a 3D emulation of a real game, which looks stunning, but makes it harder to use

Communities and Support

Teaching, Rules and Playthroughs