It has been nearly a year since I last updated my tabletop player profile using the Quantic Foundry‘s online form. Let’s see what has changed since December 2018. I have played a lot of games since then, so there must be some change.

If you look at the image, you will see my results from end of last year in red, and my results from now in blue. It is immediately clear there has been a big change, not surprising given how long ago I took the test last.

I have clearly moved away from co-operative games, given that this figure has dropped from 58% down to only 20%, and I would agree with that. I have started to look for games with more player interaction, than I used to like. This trend is also reflected in the increase of the conflict figure from 17% to 37%.

At the same time, my need for games with social manipulation has gone down, from 74% to 58%, meaning that even though I now like more player interaction, I don’t so much like manipulating players than I used to. I guess I want everyone to be able to see what’s going on and make up their own mind about my plans and strategy.

Speaking of which, my need for strategic games has almost doubled, from 9% to 15%. I think it is quite true and I’m really looking forward to playing more games where a strategy is important from the start, and other players have the opportunity to interfere with your plans, forcing you to adapt and change tactics as necessary.

Discovery has almost halved for me, from 90% to 50%. So world exploration games are no longer high on my list. They are fun games, and there is at least one game on its way to me that is about world exploration, but they factor a lot lower in my list of games now than they used to.

Immersion and aesthetics are completely unchanged. I guess I still want to have some level of being drawn into a game and enjoying its world, as well as play a game that looks good and has a great table presence. These seem to be my core values that haven’t changed in nearly a year.

So what is your attitude to playing games? Are you very competitive or do you prefer co-operation? Do you like the social aspect of games and are more interested in exploring the world that the game resides? Please post your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. It would be great to hear how others approach tabletop games.

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