In a previous article (see Co-op or competitive?) I showed what my tabletop player profile looks like, as per Quantic Foundry’s online form at – which I highly recommend to everyone. In the article I said I would check my profile monthly, which didn’t come to pass as other things got in the way. However, I have now completed the survey again and unsurprisingly, my profile hasn’t changed a huge amount, but the subtle differences are interesting. You can see the latest results at the end of this article – and the previous results in the article Co-op or competitive?

Comparing the two surveys, you will be able to see that there is an increase in my interest in conflict in games, but at the same time my social manipulation score has gone done slightly. My social fun and discovery values have also gone up, showing that I have learned to embrace the social aspect more and I want to discover games and how they work. Everything else is unchanged, which is not surprising.
In fact, I was expecting everything to stay virtually the same, so it is good to see that I now put more emphasis on the social side of games nights and the discovery elements of gameplay.

I don’t want to promise that I will re-run the survey again next month, but I will certainly try. It is very interesting to see how your tastes in games and gameplay change over time.

So what is your attitude to playing games? Are you very competitive or do you prefer co-operation? Do you like the social aspect of games and are more interested in exploring the world that the game resides? Please post your thoughts and ideas in the comments below. It would be great to hear how others approach tabletop games.

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