We Can Play (Saturday Review)

From ancient times to the present day, women have never been recognised for their contributions to the world. Yet, throughout history, there have always been women who were strong leaders, who fought for better conditions and equal rights, and not just for themselves, who made significant scientific breakthroughs, were trendsetting artists and did everything their male contemporaries did. So it is time for all women around the world to say: We Can Play by Julia Johansson and Albert Pinilla by Julibert.

Albert Pinilla (Let me illustrate)

Albert Pinilla is an illustrator born in Barcelona. He is the co-creator and illustrator of the card game "We Can Play: Women Who Changed The World" and co-creator of the game publisher Julibert. He has also illustrated books such as The Interactive Constitution and Climate Change, the Choice Is Ours and has illustrated children's board games for companies such as Jumbo Disset, Goula, Nathan and Headu.