Dates: 1-3 June 2018
Location: NEC, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Organizer: UK Games Expo

If you are interested in any type of tabletop game for pretty much any reason, and you live in the UK, then the UK Games Expo 2018 at the NEC in Birmingham is a must. It’s probably the biggest, and in my opinion best, tabletop games and accessories exhibition in the UK.

Exhibitors range from large publishers to one man games designers. There is a huge range of tabletop games available on sale, as well as to play yourself while you’re there – and there is also a section where you can playtest new games, speaking directly to the games designer and giving feedback on the game.

The exhibition also has a large number of live competitions for a wide range of tabletop games during the event, which anyone can take part in and show off their skill and experience with their favourite game.

The event is very family friendly, with a large number of tables where you can play family friendly games, as well as tables where you can bring your own game to play – and a games library, so you can try out games for yourself – and if you like them, buy them while you’re there.

If you attended the UK Games Expo this year, post your experiences below – or if you have been in previous years, let us know what you thought. Are there any other tabletop game exhibitions that you have attended or are planning to visit? Share all your thoughts below.

If you want see some very brief impressions of the exhibition, here is a short YouTube video I compiled:

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