A mountain of games

Once you get hooked on tabletop games, you quickly amass a mountain of games. It is so easy to buy yet another game with an exciting theme, new game mechanics, amazing miniatures, realistic coins or resources, or some other reason that justifies the expense – but has the hobby suddenly turned from playing games into collecting them? Will you actually play them all?

For people who like collecting, tabletop games are a great subject. You can collect games based on category, theme, age group, publisher, all games from Kickstarter or many other classifications. If you have the space, then this can actually be a great hobby – and special edition games, or versions with special promos actually keep their value pretty well.

However, for those of us who neither have the space nor the money, there comes a time when you can’t just buy another game. As I said, special editions and promos often keep their value really well, so it’s not too hard to subsidise the next game buy selling one from your collection. Not only does that make room, but it also makes it more affordable.

If you do have enough money, but not enough space, you can look at re-packaging your games. Most game boxes are mostly just air, so buying tupperware boxes, plastic resealable bags or other containers to store the game pieces in is a great way to make room for more games. Depending on how you feel, you can then store all the game boxes in your loft, or get rid of them.

Of course, you may have other ways of dealing with your mountain of games. What do you do? Maybe you just don’t buy games and instead play those that your friends have. Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below – or start a new conversation about a tabletop games topic you want to talk about.



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