The upcoming release of 8Bit Box by Iello is exciting people for a number of reasons. A new game from Iello is always exciting, and for this game there is of course the nostalgia. My first games console was an ATARI 2600, so I will certainly reminisce. However, and I think this is what is most exciting about this release, is that the game is designed to allow everyone to make their own games.

8Bit Box comes with some basic components and then each games module adds the necessary pieces, player boards and mats and other tokens to complete the setup. However, there is already so much in the base box, that it would be easy for anyone to come up with their own game using only what is already supplied.

Of course, it wouldn’t be too difficult to use components from other games, or buy a selection of tokens or wooden pieces to open up your options even more. If you have a access to a half decent printer, and many people do these days, you can easily draw a player mat or game board on your computer and print it out. If you want, you can mount it all on foam board, and in no time at all have you created a new module for your analog console.

Now let’s take this one step further. Imagine Iello actively supported people to make their own games. Imagine Iello providing an online tool where people can draw boards and select from a wide selection of tokens, which are then shipped to you at a reasonable cost. It would be a bit like what Lego does with their Creator range. At the same time you could share your game on the Iello website for others to buy. There could even be some sort of online simulation of the game, along the lines of Tabletopia, so you and others can try out your game before buying it.

As you can see, I certainly have high hopes for the 8Bit Box and can’t wait to try it for myself.
What do you think? Is this going to be a great opportunity for Iello? Would you like to design your own games module for it? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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