Madeleine Fjäll (Let me illustrate)

Madeleine Fjäll is a 2D-artist who loves to make artwork inspired by history and fantasy. She has a bachelor's degree in Game Design and Graphics and has a Higher Vocational Education Degree in 2D-graphics, which helps her a lot as an artist in the board game industry. Right now she's working at Ion Game Design and is an artist for the games Pax Viking, Bios:Mesofauna and Dawn on Titan.

Harald Lieske (Let me illustrate)

Harald Lieske was born in 1975 in Siegen, Germany and is an illustrator, game designer and musician. After beginning to study art in Siegen, he switched to studying design in Münster with a focus on game illustration and comics. Even during his studies, he already created relationships with publishers and was created illustrations for a few games. During this time he also worked on a handful of game prototypes. At the end of his studies, he had two prototypes, one of which (Das Gold der Inka) has already been published.

Mihai Georgescu (Let me illustrate)

Mihai Georgescu is a freelance artist living in Scotland. He enjoys drawing goblins, painting miniatures and having too many hobbies. Throughout his career, he has created band logos, album covers, video game assets, and really silly sketches on sticky notes. He is most proficient in Adobe Photoshop and, more recently, Clip Studio Paint. His most ambitious project so far has been the continued work on the board game Arcane Blaster Casters as the art half of Battle Boar Games.

Sabrina Miramon (Let me illustrate)

Sabrina Miramon is a French illustrator based in the UK who works mostly on boardgame and video game art, but also does the occasional book illustration. She originally studied 3D, but after a few years decided that she preferred drawing and painting. Her artwork has appeared in games such as Ecos : First Continent, Coral Islands, Welcome to DinoWorld, Planet and many others, having worked with publishers such as Iello, AEG, Blue Orange, Alley Cat Games among others.

Natalia Rojas (Let me illustrate)

Natalia Rojas is a self-taught artist and illustrator from Colombia living in Tampa, Florida. She specializes in highly detailed and realistic graphite and coloured pencil drawings and loves to create portraits of people, pets and wildlife, as well as meaningful pieces that could be anything from a portrait of a loved one to a special item or a still life. She has worked on the board game Wingspan by Stonemaier Games, as well as all its expansions.

Jessi Cabasan (Let me illustrate)

Jessi Cabasan is a freelance artist based in Co. Meath, Ireland. She works in a variety of industries including games, logo making and traditional pencil portraits. She designed the artwork for the game board and cards for Luzon Rails published on Kickstarter in 2020. She is skilled in graphic design and illustration with Affinity Designer on the PC, Artstudio Pro and Procreate on the iPad and photo editing with Adobe Lightroom.

Rory Muldoon (Let me illustrate)

Rory Muldoon is a graphic designer and games designer from the south-east of the UK. After going freelance in 2016 he began working on is own game, Skora, which has recently been published by Inside the Box Board Games. Alongside his own projects, he has created artwork and graphic design for tabletop games such as Solar Storm and Tinderblox. Website: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Audio Transcript “My name is Rory Muldoon. I’ve been a board game artist since 2018. I became a board game artist because I’m a graphic designer by trade and when I first discovered modern tabletop gaming I was immediately excited by this whole new world of visual information. I knew I wanted to be involved in it somehow, so I started up an Instagram account and on there, I experimented with rethemes and redesigns of existing games and game elements. After that, I took the plunge in designing my own game and from there I went on to work with other designers and publishers on a range of board game and tabletop projects. “The art style I’m best known for is probably clean graphical illustration. I try and bring graphic design principles to everything I do whether that’s illustration, typography, rulebook layout or game logos. I feel like game artwork can contribute immensely to how playable the game is and I hope I can bring a bit of that user experience thinking to the fore. “The first board game I was an artist for was my own game, Skora, which I created the artwork and graphic design for, at the same time as designing the game itself. For me this tandem element of visual and mechanical development helped push me forward and I felt like the art and the design started to...

Julie Okahara (Let me illustrate)

Julie Okahara was born in Osaka, Japan and after graduating from Osaka Industrial Arts High School, began work as a graphic designer. Wanting to further their studies in studio art, Julie came to California in 2005. Since then Julie has expanded into acrylic painting, ink drawing, sewing and clay sculpting. This year, she started teaching herself animation and now live-streams with interactive animations on her Twitch channel.

Keturah Ariel Nailah Bobo (Let me illustrate)

Keturah Ariel Nailah Bobo was born in Toledo, Ohio with strong family roots in Detroit, MI. Keturah grew up with parents that instilled in her the importance of individuality and creativity. Keturah graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design with a bachelors degree in fine arts. Columbus, Ohio is a melting pot of culture and artistic freedom that has nurtured Keturah’s growing body of work.