Sabrina Miramon

Sabrina Miramon is a French illustrator based in the UK who works mostly on boardgame and video game art, but also does the occasional book illustration. She originally studied 3D, but after a few years decided that she preferred drawing and painting. Her artwork has appeared in games such as Ecos: First Continent, Coral Islands, Welcome to DinoWorld, Planet and many others, having worked with publishers such as Iello, AEG, Blue Orange, Alley Cat Games among others.

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Audio Transcript

“My name is Sabrina. I’ve been a board game artist since 2014, but it’s been my main activity for the last three years. I became a board game artist because a publisher gave me my first opportunity to illustrate a game and then I stuck with it. The art style I am best known for is colourful cute with a mix of cartoonish designs.

“The first board game I was an artist for was The Builders: Middle Ages. It’s published by Bombyx and Asmodee. The work I’m most proud of was for the board game Photosynthesis, because of the positive feedback I’ve got from everyone and the way it looks displayed on a table. I like creating artwork that people can enjoy looking at while playing – hopefully. I get my inspiration from games and other artists I look up to.

“I think the most important part of making artwork for board games is to nail a fresh and cohesive visual style, because I want the boxes to stand out on the shelf. I think the most challenging part of making artwork for a board game is designing elements that read well and look good at a small scale, because assets are usually printed small. The longest I worked or not for a board game was for Dice Hospital, I’d say. It took me several months on and off as it was an ongoing Kickstarter project.

“In my view, more board game artwork should be non-generic and think outside of the box. The artist whose style I admire the most is hard to choose from because there are so many, but off the top of my head, I’d say Adam Hughes.

“My favourite colour is orange. What very few people know about me is I’m addicted to white chocolate.

“If you wanted to become a board game artist yourself, I would tell you to make a targeted portfolio for a publisher you enjoy the work of and bring it to conventions or send emails to project managers.

“If you wanted to get in touch, you can reach me by email or Twitter or Instagram. Just google my name.”

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