Feeling stressed about your upcoming wedding? Why not sit down and relax, and maybe even get some inspiration from these wedding-themed board games!

Wedding Countdown

This wedding-themed card game, where each card represents a step closer to the big day, from Dress Shopping to Cake Tasting! Each player will have 9 face-down cards in front of them. They’ll be taking turns replacing cards to attempt to get sets of the same cards next to each other. Each pair is cleared from your score, and the lowest score wins!

Wedding Countdown is a perfect way to relax and remind yourself of all the steps you need to take to make your big day incredible! Have you lined up your florist? What about a caterer? Will you be hiring a photographer and a videographer?

The art is gorgeous, and honestly great to take some inspiration from!


You are Cordially Invited to celebrate the glorious union of Her Glittering and Gracious Majesty, the Queen of the Seelie Court & His Terrific and Terrible Majesty, the King of the Unseelie Court.

Have you heard? The two rulers of the fae court are getting married! Their courts will become entwined, and it’s up to you to try to play your cards strategically to make sure the correct people (the ones you’re backing) wind up in power!

Mischief is a perfect game for our romantasy ladies. With such huge hits in the literary world of romantic, fantastic fae stories, this is a great game to perhaps draw some inspiration from for your own wedding! Floral headdress? Yes, please! Diaphanous, gorgeous gowns? Sign me up!

Gather inspiration from the game, while also exercising your devious side. Play pranks on the members of the rival fae courts and maneuver the members of court into the perfect positions, so that you can maintain control and influence from the shadows.

Wedding Ring

This card game really gets you into the spirit, especially since it comes with two actual rings! Wedding Ring simulates a game that was played at weddings years ago, where roses and rings were used.

You’ll each start with your ring on your own thumb. You’ll play cards to attempt to move your ring from your thumb all the way to your opponent’s ring finger. If you win, your opponent has to profess something they love about you! It’s a lovely way to spend some quality time together, and maybe even give you some ideas for what to write in your vows!

And it’s great practice for putting the ring on your partner’s finger. This could help ensure that there’s no stumbling or difficulty in putting the ring on their finger at the altar!

The Wedding Planner Game

In this retro board game, you’ll be playing a reworked game of Life, which is perfect for brides-to-be. Players select and buy various wedding items like rings, cake, honeymoon packages and more. They’ll be recording happiness points as they get closer to the big day!

The Wedding Planner Game could be a good way to make sure you’ve added everything you need to to your checklist on your own journey to saying “I Do!” A fun way to double-check you’ve thought through the whole day!

Note: This is a retro-themed game, so there may be some more old-fashioned values espoused in the scoring mechanisms.

a selection of cards from Love Letter laid out on the table
a selection of cards from Love Letter laid out on the table

Love Letter: Bridgerton

Is there anything more romantic than Bridgerton? The outfits, the flowers, the professions of love!

While Love Letter: Bridgerton isn’t directly about weddings, it’s a great way to get into the romance of it all. You’ll be investigating the different characters to try to figure out Lady Whistledown’s identity! How exciting!

It’s a perfect companion to perhaps rewatching the series for wedding reception inspiration! Or honestly, their confessions of love for each other could be the perfect thing to inspire some truly romantic vows. Their flowery language could be just what your vows need to really pop!

Fog of Love

Now maybe you’re starting to get the wedding jitters. Is your potential spouse really your soulmate?

Pick up Fog of Love, a two-player board game where you will create and play two vivid characters who meet, fall in love, and face the challenges of making a relationship work. You may have different goals, just like in a real relationship. Will you change, stay stubborn, or secretly decide to be a Heartbreaker?

Each person gets to make interesting choices, and playing the game inspires intense, heartfelt discussions about love, relationships, compromise, and more. It’s a creative, funny, interesting way to dig into all the different ways that a relationship can unfold.

Get Me to the Wedding!

Now let’s talk about the RSVPs for your guests. So many couples send out the same old invitations, similar structure, similar response cards. But what if you sent your guests a mini-board game as their RSVP?

Get Me to the Wedding is an adorable way to invite your friends and family to your special day, and to relive their experience of this classic board game. It’s a 2-player board game that takes your guests through the potential roadblocks on their way to making it to your big day!

The first player to end wins! But they’ll need to make sure to have saved your date, RSVP’ed, bought you a gift, and booked their travel plans before they can officially win the game!

You will get to customize the details of your wedding, adding touches of your personality throughout! The invite comes with everything they’ll need not just to make it to your wedding, but to also play the game, like a die, player pawns, the game board and more.

This adorable invite will definitely be something that will be remembered by your guests. So hopefully they’ll remember to get themselves to the wedding itself!

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