Box clever?

As everyone knows, tabletop games come in boxes – most of them cardboard, some metal, others maybe plastic, and a small handful simply come in an envelope. Game boxes are often beautifully illustrated, and for many it is important to display the boxes prominently to show off the artwork or at the very least marvel at their collection of games. However, some people see the box as merely a way of storing their games. So the games end up in a cupboard or under the bed, rather than on display. It is more about finding a place to store them.

So while some people really look after their game boxes, maybe even prominently displaying them in a frame on their wall, or on a shelf with the front of the box facing out, other people go as far as discarding the box and storing all components in bags and smaller plastic containers, so they can easily store them. However, for many people it would be sacrilege to throw away game components, including the game box, so they may keep the box, stow it away out of sight, until it comes out to play.

For those people who want to enjoy the box, bigger boxes are usually better, because they better show off the artwork. However, for those people where space is at a premium, bigger boxes are an issue. In fact, many boxes contain a lot of air, so putting everything into a smaller container, bagging up the components in the process, is the way forward. The box is then put into the loft to gather dust.

So where do you stand when it comes to game boxes? Do you love showing off a beautiful games box? Do you love looking at the amazing artwork? Or do you stow it all out of sight and your focus is on playing the game? Maybe you even go as far as throwing away the box? Please post your thoughts in the comments below, so we can start a conversation.

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