Affiliate Links

In an attempt to be transparent, I wanted to declare that Tabletop Games Blog is sometimes using affiliate links and explain how they work and why I use them.

Affiliate links are URLs with a specific ID and other information that will take you to a reseller’s website and will track your purchases to allow the reseller to pay the affiliate member a commission.

I have decided to add affiliate links, after carefully consulting with my supporters, because it will hopefully give me a small additional income stream that allows me to pay for board games to review, new audio and video equipment, maybe even some new computer hardware and other things that allow me to keep running the blog and everything I do.

I appreciate that some people may feel that having affiliate links on my site will sway me toward more positive reviews, but I assure you, the small amount of money I am likely to make out of affiliate links is really not going to influence me one way or the other. Yet, I would always advise people to read a number of reviews for a game they’re thinking about buying, to watch playthrough videos and otherwise read up on a game before making a buying decision.

I will always clearly label affiliate links on this blog, my YouTube channel and other relevant places where I use them, because not every link will be an affiliate link. That way you know which is which.

At the end of the day, my reviews are always going to be subjective. They represent my experience with playing the game. I may really love a game that others hate, because I may have locked onto something that speaks to me, but doesn’t to others. So even without affiliate links, my positive review doesn’t mean you’ll like the game too.

I hope this explains more about the affiliate links that I use, but as always, if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions about affiliate links, or anything else related to the Tabletop Games Blog, please contact me.